Certificate in Science Teaching in Life Science

This certificate offers a broad spectrum of courses. From these, students can create a diverse program that includes anatomy and physiology, nutrition, ecology, plants, microbiology, insects and slime, or focus in on a specific area of interest.

Complete 12 credits selected from the below list, or other approved credits from the MS in Science Education (MSSE) Program Course Catalog:

BIOE 513Terrestrial Ecology of Plains and Prairies (Summer-Online)1
BIOE 519Riparian Zones/Wetlands (Summer-Online)2
BIOE 520Animal Biodiversity in GYE (Summer-On Campus)2
BIOE 522Birds of Prey (Summer-Odd Years-On Campus)2
BIOE 523Wildlife Ecology (Summer-On Campus)2
BIOE 526Symbiosis for Teachers: Eat, Prey, Love (Spring-Even Years-Online)3
BIOE 527Teaching Evolution (Fall-Online)3
BIOE 536A Study of Local Ecosystems for Teachers (Fall-Online)2
BIOE 585Exploring Biology for Teachers (Spring-Online)3
BIOE 593Alpine Ecology for Teachers (Summer-Odd Years-On Campus)2
BIOE 595Ecology and Conservation of the World's Marine Ecosystems for Teachers (Fall-Online)3
BIOE 596Land Use Issues in GYE for Teachers (Summer-On Campus)2
BIOE 597Ecology of Trout Steams for Teachers (Summer-Even Years-On Campus)2
BIOE 599Advanced Ecology for Teachers (Winter Session (TBD)-On Campus)2
BIOH 586AP Biology for Teachers (Fall-Even Years-Online)3
BIOH 595Anatomy & Physiology for Tchrs (Summer-Online)3
ERTH 520Fundamentals of Oceanography for Teachers (Summer-Online)3
ERTH 587Invertebrate Paleontology for Teachers (Spring-Odd Years-Online)3
ERTH 597Vertebrate Paleontology for Teachers (Spring-Even Years-Online)3
GEO 521Dinosaur Paleontology (Summer-On Campus)2
GEO 522Dino Paleontology II (Summer-Even Years-On Campus)2
LRES 557Thermal Biology in YNP (Summer-On Campus)2
LRES 569Ecol of Invasive Plants in GYE (Summer-On Campus)2
LRES 582Streamside Science for Teachers (Summer-Online)3
LRES 584Twelve Principles of Soil Science for Teachers (Spring-Odd Years-Online)3
LRES 585Water Quality in the Classroom for Teachers (Spring-Even Years-Online)3
M 517Advanced Mathematical Modeling for Teaching (Summer-Odd Years-Online)3
MB 533Current Topics in Microbiology for Teachers (Fall-Online)3
MB 536Exploring Microbiology (Summer-Even Years-Online)3
MB 540Environmental Microbiology (Summer-Odd Years-Online)3
MB 541Microbial Genetics (Spring-Even Years-Online)3
MSSE 503Integrating Literature into the Biology/Life Science Classroom (Spring-Online)3
NUTR 526Nutrition for Fitness/Performance (Spring-Online)3
PHSX 582Astrobiology for Teachers Online (Spring-Online)3
PSPP 521Plant Science for Teachers: It Grows on You (Summer-Online)1
PSPP 522Insect-ology for Teachers (Summer-Online)3
PSPP 547Biomimicry for Teachers (Spring-Online)2
PSPP 548Flowering Plants of the Northern Rocky Mountains (Summer-On Campus)2
PSPP 549Botany of Spices & Medicinal Plants for Teachers (Summer-On Campus)2