Certificate in Science Teaching in Elementary School Science

This certificate is designed to give K-8 teachers a basic understanding of a broad range of topics in physical science, life science and earth/space science. These courses are specially designed to help K-8 teachers integrate inquiry-based science into the classroom while improving their own science content knowledge.

Complete 12 credits selected from the below list, or other approved credits from the MS in Science Education (MSSE) Program Course Catalog:

BIOE 536A Study of Local Ecosystems for Teachers (Fall-Online)2
BIOE 585Exploring Biology for Teachers (Spring-Online)3
ERTH 523Weather for Elementary and Middle School Teachers (Spring-Online)3
ERTH 524K-14 Earth System Science (Fall-Online)3
ERTH 525Landforms for Elementary Teachers (Summer-Online)1
MSSE 501Inquiry Sci Eng Prac (Fall, Spring, Summer-Online)2
MSSE 502Emerging Technology and the Science Classroom (Summer-Online)2
MSSE 503Integrating Literature into the Biology/Life Science Classroom (Spring-Online)3
MSSE 511STEM Methods for Teachers (Spring-Odd Years-Online)2
MSSE 518Master Teaching Strategies for Science Teachers (Spring-Odd Years-Online)3
MSSE 536Construction Curriculum in Science Education (Summer-Odd Years-Online)2
MSSE 537The 3 D's of NGSS (Summer-Even Years-Online)2
NUTR 526Nutrition for Fitness/Performance (Spring-Online)3
PHSX 514Comparative Planetology Online (Summer-Online)3
PHSX 571Electric Circuits and Magnetism for Teachers (Summer-Online)3
PHSX 572Space Science for Elementary Teachers (Fall-Online)1
PHSX 573The Science of Sound for Teachers (Spring-Online)2
PHSX 574World of Motion & Force for Elem/MS Teachers (Summer-Online)2
PSPP 521Plant Science for Teachers: It Grows on You (Summer-Online)1
PSPP 522Insect-ology for Teachers (Summer-Online)3