Bachelor of Arts in Asian Studies

In order to provide students with the skills needed in a globalized world that increasingly pivots on Asia, Montana State University offers an interdisciplinary Asian studies major.  Students choose a language to study, and have latitude to take content courses that focus on a given region within Asia, or to spread their coursework over the continent.

Core Asian Studies Requirements. Take three of the following (9-12 credits).9-12
Contemporary Japan
Historical and Literary Journey into Modern China
Chinese Culture & Civilization
The Modern Middle East
Modern Asia
Reinventing Japan
History and Culture of the Silk Road
Japanese Culture & Civ
Philosophies of Asia
Buddhist Traditions
Asian Language Requirement (12 credits). Take any 101-202D sequence. All courses must be taken in the same language.12
Elementary Chinese I
Elementary Chinese II
Intermediate Chinese I
Intermediate Chinese II
Elementary Japanese I
Elementary Japanese II
Intermediate Japanese I
Intermediate Japanese II
Upper-Division Electives. Take six of the following (18 credits).18
Sex, Gender, and Sexuality in Japan
Popular Culture - Japan
Social Movements & Community Activism
History of Asian Art and Architecture
History of Chinese Cinema
Monsoon Asian Civilization
Independent Study
Ancient India: Text and Ritual
Age of the Shoguns
Japan's Meiji Revolution
Modern China
Modern India
Russia to 1917
Middle East/20th Century
Eurasian Borderlands
Soviet Union: Rise & Fall
History of Yoga: East and West
Gender in Asia
Environ, Health & Sci in Japan
Tradition and Reform in China
Japanese Adv Conversations
Classical Japanese Literature
Modern Japanese Literature
Outcast Literature
Japanese Adv Reading & Grammar
Japanese Text and Cinema
Research Experience. Take one of the following (3 credits).3
Undergraduate Research and Instruction
Undergraduate Research
Undergraduate Research
Senior Capstone: History Methodology
Undergraduate Research
other courses approved by a faculty advisor
University core and electives72-75
Total credits120

Course Substitutions: Other appropriate courses, including those taken abroad, may be substituted with the approval of an Asian Studies Advisor.

Study Abroad: Montana State maintains active exchange programs with overseas universities, including ones throughout Asia.  Students may spend an entire academic year abroad while paying Montana State tuition.  Contact the Office of International Programs for more information.

Graduation Requirements:  A minimum of 120 credits is required for graduation; 42 of these credits must be upper-division.