Africana Studies Undergraduate Certificate

The Africana Studies certificate will be a 15 credit BA-level certificate in Africana Studies. Africana Studies explores African and African American history, life, and culture from an interdisciplinary perspective. Both TT and NTT faculty will offer courses in the program. The Africana Studies certificate aims to complement existing majors at MSU-Bozeman. Students will develop the knowledge and intellectual skills to understand and appreciate the experiences of African and African Diasporic populations, to move beyond their own experiences to appreciate how they are connected to the larger global village, and to develop tools for working with others in empathetic and humane ways.

LS 194DIntroduction to Africana Studies (Fall)3
Choose one from the following:3
African American Literature
Special Topics (African American Rhetorics)
Choose three from the following:9
Introduction to American Studies
Contemporary Africa
Special Topics (Tanzania, Mount Kilimanjaro, and the World's Biomes)
Gender, Race, Class, and Family Diversity
Race and Class in America
Race in Latin America
African American Literature
History of Jazz
Special Topics (Introduction to Philosophy and Race) Alternates with PHL 354
Philosophy of Race Alternates with PHL 291
Social Movements
Sociology of Race & Ethnicity
Hispanic Caribbean: Cuba, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic
Special Topics (African American Rhetorics)
Total Credits15