Japan Studies Minor

The Japan Studies Program offers a non-teaching, interdisciplinary minor in Japan Studies through the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures. The program's mission is to provide students with the skills and understanding they need to succeed in Japanese contexts. This program is not designed for teacher certification. The minor requires basic Japanese language proficiency and a broad knowledge of Japanese history, literature, and civilization. It includes 12 credits in Japanese language training and 15-16 credits in elective coursework, for a total of 27-28 credits.

In order to receive the minor, students must successfully complete the following course work:


JPNS 101Elementary Japanese I3
JPNS 102DElementary Japanese II3
JPNS 201DIntermediate Japanese I3
JPNS 202DIntermediate Japanese II3
Take one of these lower division electives:3-4
Japanese Culture & Civ
Reinventing Japan
Choose three upper division electives:9
Age of the Shoguns
Japan's Meiji Revolution
Environ, Health & Sci in Japan
Japanese Adv Conversations
Classical Japanese Literature
Modern Japanese Literature
Outcast Literature
Japanese Adv Reading & Grammar
Japanese Text and Cinema
Total Credits24-25

Not all courses may be taken in the same department. Credits earned for Japanese language study abroad may be applied to both the Language Requirement and the Upper Division Electives; but students must fulfill the Lower Division Electives at MSU. Study abroad students may transfer a maximum of 3 content course credits per semester.