Astrobiology Minor

The Astrobiology minor will be a Microbiology and Immunology degree starting Summer 2021.  Please refer to information under degrees offered by Microbiology and Immunology Department or contact the Microbiology and Immunology Department for updated information.

ASTR 350 will not be offered and will not be taught as a special topics course ( PHSX 491) after Spring 2021.

The Astrobiology Minor is designed to educate students in this interdisciplinary field covering the varied scientific disciplines that contribute to our general understanding of life, the origin of life, the past history of life on Earth, possible futures for life on Earth, and the possible existence of life on other planetary environments. The principal goal of the minor is to develop students' literacy in astrobiology so they can critically evaluate claims related to this field that they encounter well after their college education has ended.

Required Courses
PHSX 220Physics I with Calculus4
or PHSX 240 Honors Gen & Mod Phys I
or PHSX 205 College Physics I
PHSX 222Physics II with Calculus4
or PHSX 242 Honors Gen & Mod Phys II
or PHSX 207 College Physics II
BIOB 170INPrinciples of Biological Diversity4
or BIOB 260 Cellular and Molecular Biology
or BIOB 160 Principles of Living Systems
CHMY 141College Chemistry I4
or CHMY 121IN Introduction to General Chemistry
ERTH 101INEarth System Sciences4
or GEO 211 Earth History and Evolution
ASTR 371Solar System Astronomy4
ASTR 350 (Astrobiology) Astrobio taught at special topic in S203
Elective Courses
Choose 4 credits from the following to have total of 31 credits:4
Introduction to Astronomy: Mysteries of the Sky
Extragalactic Astronomy
Biochemistry of Macromolecules
Metabolic Regulation
General Genetics
General Ecology
General Microbiology
Planetary Geoscience
Earth History and Evolution
Sci and Tech in World History
Early Modern Science
Modern Science
Philosophy of Science
Applying Chemistry to Society
Darwinian Revolution
Astrophysics (a.k.a. ASTR 435)
Independent Study (Maximum of 1 credit total of these can apply to minor)
Independent Study
Seminar/Workshop (Maximum of 1 credit total of these can apply to minor)
Each course can only count once towards requirements.
Only 1 credit of independent study can count towards electives
Only 1 credit of seminar can count towards electives
Total Credits31