Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies Minor

The College of Letters and Science, in conjunction with all other colleges at MSU, offers an interdisciplinary minor in Women's and Gender Studies. Students in the minor systematically study basic feminist theories and methodologies, as well as the experiences and contributions of women in a variety of cultures over time.Students in the minor will examine issues and theories of gender inequity and gender identity, and will engage in feminist analysis within their disciplines. Students find the minor a stimulating challenge to traditional assumptions in their academic programs. Because of its interdisciplinary nature, the minor is individually shaped in consultation with a Women's and Gender Studies advisor. Students who declare a minor in Women's and Gender Studies must complete 21 semester credits as outlined below. Contact the CLS Dean's Office for additional information and view the Women's and Gender Studies Minor site at  http://www.montana.edu/wgs.

WGSS 201IHIntro to Feminist Theories3
Choose one of the following:3
Integrative Seminar in Women's Studies
Independent Study
Elective Course Work
Choose five of the following:15
Sex, Gender, Sexuality Japan
Popular Culture - Japan
Anthropology of Gender
Social Movements in Japan
Relationships and Fam Systems
Gndr, Rce, Clss, and Fam Diver
Family Law & Public Policy
Human Sexuality
The Ethic of Care
Gender in US & Canadian West
Gender in America
Food in America
Outcast Literature
Women and Literature
Philosophy and Feminism
International Human Rights
Sociology of the Family
Sociology of Race & Ethnicity
Sociology of Globalization
Sociology of Human Sexuality
LGBTQ Studies
The Study of Men & Masculinity
Studies in Literary Topics
Gender Issues in Native American Studies
Contemp Issues in Human Sexual
Psychology of Gender
Psychology of Prejudice
Religion and Gender
Sociology of Gender
Latino Immigration
Classical Sociological Theory
US Latino Cultures
US Latino Literature
Latin Amer Soc History
Race in Latin America
Colonial Latin America
Gender in Latin America
Gender in Asia
Additional courses may be counted toward the minor with approval of the WGSS Chair(s).