American Studies

The American Studies program is designed to meet the needs of students, including non-traditional majors and lifelong learners, who want to pursue a flexible, multi-disciplinary curriculum in American Studies. Students explore the experiences and values of the people of the United States as embodied in their history, literature, art, and other forms of cultural expression. All students are required to choose one of three program focus areas: American Arts, American History, or American Literature.

Students must complete a minimum of 45 credits in the program after declaring themselves to be American Studies majors. Up to 12 credits required in a minor or in a second-degree program may be applied toward the American Studies degree requirements. Courses taken to complete requirements in the American Studies program may also be used to satisfy University Core requirements.

For details about the American Studies degree, please email, call 406-994-4247, or check the American Studies website.

Foundation Courses

All students, regardless of program focus area, must complete the following courses:

Freshman YearCredits
AMST 101D - Introduction to American Studies3
NASX 105D - Introduction to Native American Studies
or AMST 202RA - The Arts in America
1 Year Foreign Language Courses6
History Option- History Concentration Students Must take all 3
HSTA 101IH - American History I
or HSTA 102IH - American History II
or HSTA 160D - Introduction to the Am West
CORE Elective 6
Advisor Approved Electives 9
Year Total: 31
Sophomore YearCredits
LIT 214D - Regional Literature3
PSCI 210IS - Introduction to American Government3
AMST 201IH - American Identity, American Dreams3
Arts Option- Art Concentration Students must take both
AMST 202RA - The Arts in America
or MUSI 203IA - American Popular Music
CORE Elective6
Advisor Approved Elective12
Year Total: 30
Junior YearCredits
Literature Option - Literature Concentration Students must take all 3
LIT 308 - Multicultural Literature
or LIT 310 - American Literature to 1900
or LIT 311 - American Literature after 1900
Upper Division AMST Elective3
CORE Elective 6
Advisor Approved Elective 18-24
Year Total: 30-36
Senior YearCredits
AMST 401 - Seminar in American Studies4
CORE Elective3-6
Advisor Approved Elective 24
Year Total: 31-34
Total Program Credits: 122-131

Capstone Experience

All students in the major take a common 4-credit capstone course in their final year (AMST 401 Seminar in American Studies). Students will work together in small groups to design solutions to contemporary issues in American society (e.g., immigration). Each small-group project will result in a scholarly product (typically a paper or presentation) that will serve as a measurable indication of the extent to which students have mastered the critical thinking, reading, writing, and oral communication skills that are the principal learning objectives of the program.

American Studies Courses

AMST 301Reproduction in America3
ANTY 332Native North America3
ANTY 351Archaeology of North America3
ARTH 43019th Century Art3
ARTH 44020th Century Art3
ECNS 372Economic History of US3
GPHY 325Cultural Geography3
GPHY 431Historical Geography3
HSTA 311Early America3
HSTA 315The Age of Jefferson and Jackson: The Early American Republic3
HSTA 316American Civil War Era3
HSTA 318Origins of Modern America: From the Civil War to WWII3
HSTA 322Am History: WWII to Present3
HSTA 320Birth of Modern US: 1865-19453
HSTA 402Sex and Sexuality in America3
HSTA 406McCarthy/Ike/Truman3
HSTA 407Gender in US & Canadian West3
HSTA 408Gender in America3
HSTA 409Food in America3
HSTA 412IHAmerican Thought and Culture3
HSTA 416Race and Class in America3
HSTA 450History of American Indians3
HSTA 460Montana and the West3
HSTA 464Trans-Mississippi West3
HSTA 468History of Yellowstone3
HSTA 470American Environmental History3
HSTA 482History of American Technology3
HSTR 372The World at War3
LIT 308Multicultural Literature3
LIT 310American Literature to 19003
LIT 311American Literature after 19003
LIT 335Women and Literature3
LIT 431RHStudies in Major Author/s3
MUSI 130IAHistory of Jazz3
NASX 304Native American Beliefs and Philosophy3
NASX 310 Native Cultures of North America3
NASX 340Native American Literature3
NASX 360Native Americans and Cinema3
NASX 430American Indian Education3
NASX 476 American Indian Policy and Law3
PHL 305Contemporary Philosophy3
PHL 328Philosophy and Film3
PHL 351Philosophy and Feminism3
PHL 354Philosophy of Race3
PHOT 303Early History of Photography3
PHOT 304Recent History of Photography3
PSCI 302Media & Politics3
PSCI 306Legislative Process3
PSCI 323Modern Political Thought3
PSCI 341Political Parties and Elections3
PSCI 346American Presidency3
PSCI 444Congressional Campaign3
PSCI 451State and Local Government Policy Making3
PSCI 454Cinema and Political Theory3
PSCI 471American Constitutional Law3
PSYX 335Psychology of Gender3
PSYX 462Psychology of Prejudice3
SOCI 308Becoming an Adult in America3
SOCI 320Sociology of Religion3
SOCI 325Social Stratification3
SOCI 326Sociology of Gender3
SOCI 333Sociology of Education3
SOCI 340Social Movements3
SOCI 344Sociology of Race & Ethnicity3
SOCI 345Sociology of Organizations3
SOCI 359Crime, Justice and Media3
SOCI 425Victims and Society3
SOCI 435Law and Society3
SOCI 436Law and Inequality3
SOCI 470Environmental Sociology3
SOCI 485Political Sociology3
WGSS 378LGBTQ Studies3
WGSS 454The Study of Men & Masculinity3

 American Studies offers the degrees of Master of Arts and Doctor of Philosophy, with a special focus on the American West. Major fields include American Arts, American History, American Literature, American Pluralism, and Public History.