China Studies Minor

The Department of Modern Languages and Literatures offers a minor in China Studies (Chinese language and culture).  The program’s mission is to provide students with the language skill and cultural understanding they need to succeed in Chinese contexts. This program is not designed for teacher certification. The minor requires basic Chinese language proficiency and a broad knowledge of Chinese history, literature, and culture. A total of 28 credits of coursework is required, including 16 credits in Chinese language, and 12 credits of non-language China-related courses, 9 credits of which are at the upper division level. In addition, as many as 9 credits may be taken from courses on China in other departments. In order to receive the minor, students must successfully complete the following course work:

Language Courses
CHIN 101Elementary Chinese I4
CHIN 102DElementary Chinese II4
CHIN 201DIntermediate Chinese I4
CHIN 202DIntermediate Chinese II4
Non-language Courses
Choose one of the following:3
Historical and Literary Journey into Modern China
Chinese Culture & Civilization
Buddhist Traditions
Culture, Language, and Society
Modern Asia
Choose three of the following:9
History of Asian Art and Architecture
History of Chinese Cinema
Modern China
Monsoon Asian Civilization
Gender in Asia
Science and Medicine in China
Undergraduate Research **
Independent Study
Total Credits28

Students who are on the Chinese Government Scholarship or other scholarship to study in China will receive 1-3 study-abroad credits of CHIN193, CHIN293, CHIN393 and/or CHIN493 depending on the courses taken in China. We highly recommend students who are pursuing a China Studies minor to spend a short period of time in China.