Bachelor of Fine Arts in Integrated Lens-Based Media

The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Integrated Lens-Based Media in the School of Film & Photography at MSU-Bozeman provides students with an intensive, interdisciplinary course of study in cinematic and photographic media that culminates in the creation of a comprehensive capstone project. As a professional degree, the BFA in Integrated Lens-Based Media prepares students to pursue graduate study and for careers as professional artists.

Students apply for admission to the BFA in the spring of their sophomore year, after having completed a prescribed sequence of foundational courses in the production, analysis, and history of film and photography. Admission into the program is competitive, and is limited to students who have already been admitted into either the Film or Photo option at the conclusion of their freshman year. Students admitted into the program are assigned two advisors–one photographer and one filmmaker–with whom they design a customized curriculum for the final two years of the degree. Students who are not admitted into the BFA continue their Film or Photo degree, and are able to reapply for entry into the BFA the following year.

Freshman YearCredits
FILM 100IH - Intro to Film & Photography3
FILM 101IH - Understanding Film and Media3
FILM 112 - Aesthetics of Film Prodctn I3
PHOT 113RA - Understanding Photography3
One of the following:3
ARTZ 105RA - Visual Language - Drawing
ARTZ 109RA - Visual Language: Comprehensive Foundation
ARTZ 110RA - Visual Language: Ideation and Creativity
University and Core electives15
Year Total: 30
Sophomore YearCredits
FILM 212 - Aesthetics Film Production II4
PHOT 213 - Intermediate Photography3
PHOT 255 - Intro to Color Photography4
Three of the following:9
FILM 201D - Film History I: Origins to the 1960's
FILM 202D - Film History II: 1960s to the Present
PHOT 303 - Early History of Photography
PHOT 304 - Recent History of Photography
University and Core electives10
Year Total: 30
Junior and Senior YearCredits
FILM 301 - Issues in Lens-Based Media2
PHOT electives6
FILM electives6
FILM/PHOT studies electives6
Additional courses relevant to proposed course of study20
University and Core electives10
Capstone project10
Year Total: 60
Total Program Credits: 84