Network Technology

M 111Technical Mathematics (depending on educational pathway)3
or M 121Q College Algebra
WRIT 101WCollege Writing I (depending on educational pathway)3
or COMX 102/WRIT 104 Interpersonal Skills in the Workplace
ITS 110Introduction to Networking and Cabling3
ITS 142CCNA 2: Discovery (CCNA 2 - Intro to IP Routing) MUS Course4
ITS 163 (Operating Systems: Windows/Apple iOS) MUS Course3
ITS 150 (CCNA Exploration) MUS Course3
ITS 164Networking Fundamentals (Networking Fundamentals) MUS Course3
ITS 170 (Windows Server) MUS Course3
ITS 218 (Network Security) MUS Course3
ITS 224 (Introduction to Linux) MUS Course3
Total Credits31