Anthropology Minor

The Anthropology Minor is a non-teaching minor designed to encourage students from any discipline to explore the cross-cultural study of humankind in order to complement or supplement course work in their respective majors. The minor introduces students to the four subfields of anthropological study (evolutionary/biological anthropology, social/cultural anthropology, archaeology, and linguistics); it also allows students within the minor the flexibility to select among a range of advanced courses in prehistory, ethnography, theory, and topical domains relative to their particular interests. The curriculum stresses critical thinking, awareness of culture-specific meanings and values, consideration of the potential sustainability of various cultural adaptations, student involvement in the learning process, and opportunities for research. For graduation, students must have a C- or higher in all required and elective courses in the minor.

ANTY 215ISHuman Prehistory3
ANTY 225ISCulture, Language, and Society3
Anthropology Electives15
At least 12 of the 15 electives must be from upper division courses numbered 300 and above.
Total Credits21

The maximum number of Anthropology transfer credits that may be applied toward the minor is 9; additional transfer credits may be accepted as negotiated with your advisor.