Chemistry Minor (Non-Teaching)

Required Course

CHMY 141College Chemistry I3
or CHMY 151 Honors College Chemistry I
CHMY 142College Chemistry I Lab1
or CHMY 152 Honors College Chemistry I Lab
CHMY 143College Chemistry II3
or CHMY 153 Honors College Chemistry II
CHMY 144College Chemistry II Lab1
or CHMY 154 Honors College Chemistry II Lab
CHMY 321Organic Chemistry I3
or CHMY 331 Honors Organic Chemistry I
CHMY 322Organic Chemistry I Lab1
or CHMY 332 Honors Organic Chemistry I Lab
CHMY 323Organic Chemistry II3
or CHMY 333 Honors Organic Chemistry II
CHMY 324Organic Chemistry II Lab1
or CHMY 334 Honors Organic Chemistry II Lab
Take one of the following sequences:5-7
Elements of Physical Chemistry
and Elements of Physical Chemistry Lab
Physical Chemistry-Quantum Chemistry and Spectroscopy I
and Physical Chemistry - Kinetics and Thermodynamics
and Physical Chemistry Laboratory I
Any BCH/CHMY courses 301 or higher, except BCH 394, 490R, 492, 494, 499, and CHMY 394, 490R, 492, 494, 4999
Total Credits30-32