Global Studies Minor

There is a minimum requirement of 30 credits from the accepted course list, nine (9) of which must be taken at the 300- or 400-level. 

Advisor Approved Study abroad Coursework6
Capstone Seminar
14 Credits of International Course Work 9 Credits must be upper division (300-400 level).
Economics of Ag Business
Ag in a Global Context
Economics of Agricultural Marketing
Anthropology and the Human Experience
Culture, Language, and Society
Popular Culture - Japan
Social Movements & Community Activism
Lithic Technology
Language & Culture
Elementary Modern Arabic I
Elementary Modern Arabic II
World Architecture: Modern to Contemporary
World Architecture II
Architectural Study Abroad
West Architectural History
Non-Western Architectural History
Foreign Study History
Art of World Civilization II
History of Asian Art and Architecture
Field Study
International Finance
Insects and Human Society
Elementary Chinese I
Elementary Chinese II
Historical and Literary Journey into Modern China
Intermediate Chinese I
Intermediate Chinese II
History of Chinese Cinema
Intermediate Macro with Calc
Money and Banking
Multicultural Education
Elementary French I
Elementary French II
Intermediate French I
Intermediate French II
Histoire Civilisation
La France Aujourd'hui
French Text & Cinema
French Literature
Seminar: French Literature and Culture
Undergraduate Research
Human Geography
Geography of World Regions
Elementary German II
Intermediate German I
Intermediate German II
German Through Cinema
German Culture & Civilization
Murder, Magic, and Mythology: The German Fairy Tale
Seminar: German Lit and Culture
American History II
Western Civilization II
Latin American History
The Modern Middle East
Modern Asia
Reinventing Japan
Modern World History
Sci and Tech in World History
20th Century Europe
History of Mexico
Modern China
Modern India
Modern Britain
Modern France
Modern Germany
Middle East/20th Century
Eurasian Borderlands
Modern Science
European Intellectual History
Latin Amer Social History
Race in Latin America
Latin American Perspectives
Gender in Latin America
Environ, Health & Sci in Japan
Science and Medicine in China
From Empire to Republic
Elementary Japanese I
Elementary Japanese II
Japanese Culture & Civ
Intermediate Japanese I
Intermediate Japanese II
Japanese Adv Conversations
Modern Japanese Literature
Outcast Literature
Japanese Text and Cinema
Introduction to Language and Linguistics
Studies in World Literature
World Music
Native Cultures of North America
Culturally Responsive Care in Nursing: The (Specific Culture) Experience
Philosophy and Culture
Philosophies of Asia
History of Philosophy: Modern
Introduction to International Relations
International Relations Theory
The Politics of War & Peace
International Law
Politics of Food & Hunger
International Political Econ
International Human Rights
Psychology of Prejudice
Intro to the Study of Religion
Hindu Traditions
Buddhist Traditions
Sociology of Race & Ethnicity
Population and Society
Sociology of Globalization
Political Sociology
Elementary Spanish I
Elementary Spanish II
Intermediate Spanish I
Intermediate Spanish II
Spanish Culture & Civilization
Modern Cultures Latin America
Contemp Latin Amer Literature
Travel in Latin Am Lit & Film
Latin American Text and Cinema
Hispanic Music and Poetry
Latin America: Culture and Revolution
Latin Amer Perspectives
Seminar: Hispanic Literature
Foreign Language Requirement-must complete a modern foreign language through the first semester of the second year or demonstrate an equivalent proficiency
ARAB 101Elementary Modern Arabic I3
CHIN 101Elementary Chinese I3
CHIN 102DElementary Chinese II3
CHIN 201DIntermediate Chinese I3
CHIN 202DIntermediate Chinese II3
FRCH 101Elementary French I3
FRCH 102DElementary French II3
FRCH 201DIntermediate French I3
FRCH 202DIntermediate French II3
GRMN 101Elementary German I3
GRMN 102DElementary German II3
GRMN 201DIntermediate German I3
GRMN 202DIntermediate German II3
JPNS 101Elementary Japanese I3
JPNS 102DElementary Japanese II3
JPNS 201DIntermediate Japanese I3
JPNS 202DIntermediate Japanese II3
SPNS 101Elementary Spanish I3
SPNS 102DElementary Spanish II (or)3
SPNS 201DIntermediate Spanish I3
SPNS 202DIntermediate Spanish II3