Mathematics Minor

M 171QCalculus I4
or M 181Q Honors Calculus I
M 172Calculus II4
or M 182 Honors Calculus II
M 221Introduction to Linear Algebra3
M 273Multivariable Calculus4
or M 283 Honors Multivariable Calculus
M 274Introduction to Differential Equation4
or M 284 Honors Introduction to Differential Equations
Choose three courses from the following:9
Linear Algebra
Techniques of Applied Math I
Techniques of Applied Mathematics II
Introduction to Analysis I
Introduction to Analysis II
Software Applications in Mathematics
Mathematical Biology
Abstract Algebra I
Numerical Linear Algebra & Optimization
Numerical Solution of Differential Equations
Applied Mathematics I
Applied Mathematics II
Introduction of Dynamical Systems I
Introduction to Dynamical Systems II
Introduction to Complex Analysis
Introduction to Topology
Probability Theory
Mathematical Statistics
Total Credits28