Philosophy Minor

Choose at least one of the following (both are recommended):
Hist of Philo:Ancient/Medieval
History of Philosophy: Modern
15 credits of additional Philosophy electives, nine credits of which must be upper division.15
Intro Phil:Reason and Reality
Philosophy and Popular Culture
Intro Ethics:Good and Evil
Other Animals
Morality and Society
Scnc/Psuedo Scnc & Subjectivty
Philosophy and Culture
PHL 270
Philosophies of Asia
Origins of Life
Approaches to Epistemology
PHL 305
Language and the World
Moral Theory
Contemporary Moral Problems
Philosophy & Biomedical Ethics
Philosophy & Envirnmntl Ethics
Aesthetics and the Arts
Philosophy and Film
State, Community & Individual
Philosophy and Technology
Philosophy of Race
Reason and Revolution
Existentialism and After
Special Topics: Philosophy of Emotions
Independent Study
Total Credits15