ENGR - Engineering


ENGR 610. Rsch & Mthds in Engineering. 3 Credits. (3 Lec) F

PREREQUISITE: Doctoral standing. Exploration of experimental design, statistical methods, models, and teaching issues. Methods of modern information access will also be covered.

ENGR 685. Mentored Student Teaching. 1 Credit. (1 Ind) F

PREREQUISITE: PhD student standing in the College of Engineering and ENGR 610. Students desiring a mentored teaching experience at the college level will have primary responsibility for a portion of a course and will be mentored and assisted by the instructor of the course. Students will develop assignments, deliver lectures, meet students in the practicum course, and receive intensive mentoring from the faculty.

ENGR 694. Seminar. 1-2 Credits. (1-2 Sem; 4 cr max) S

Required 2 cr. total. PREREQUISITE: Doctoral standing or consent of instructor. Seminar experience. For students enrolled before 8/07, initial enrollment immediately follows completion of ENGR 610. First time students will present and defend their thesis topics (1 credit). The second enrollment will be taken the semester prior to the student's comprehensive exam where they will prepare and defend a formal research proposal (1 credit). For students enrolling after 8/07, ENGR 600 will be taken once as a two credit class the semester prior to scheduling the comprehensive exam; the course is designed to help the student prepare their proposal.