PLTT - Photonics and Laser Technology


PLTT 101. Fundamentals of Light and Lasers. 5 Credits. (3 Lec, 2 Lab) S

PREREQUISITE: M 111: Technical Math. This course is designed to provide the foundation required to prepare technicians in the areas of optics, electro-optics, laser, and photonics. The course is designed for use as the introductory course in the A.A.S. program for Photonics and Laser Technology. Gallatin College Workforce Programs.

PLTT 201. Laser Systems and Applications I. 5 Credits. (3 Lec, 2 Lab) F

PREREQUISITE: PLTT 101. This course introduces the operation principles and characteristics of several different laser types and their practical applications. Lasers are a major subcategory of Photonics, therefore this is a required course for students enrolled in Gallatin College's A.A.S in Photonics and Laser Technology.