ITS - Information Technology Systems


ITS 110. Introduction to Networking and Cabling. 3 Credits. (2 Lec, 1 Lab) F

Provides student current and emerging network technology information and hands-on exposure to networking skills, that will empower them to enter employment or further education and training in the computer networking field.

ITS 142. CCNA 2: Discovery. 4 Credits. (2 Lec, 2 Lab) F

COREQUISITES: ITS 140 - Intro to Networking and Cabling , this course should be taken as a co-requisite, if student is attending part-time, ITS 140 should be taken first year and ITS 142 2nd year. Students will learn skills necessary to design, build, and maintain small to medium size networks.

ITS 163. Windows and Configuration. 4 Credits. (2 Lec. 2 Lab)

Intensive introduction to multitasking operating systems and network operating systems. Operating system upgrades/configuration, installation procedures, security issues, backup procedures, remote access, command line, and graphical user interfaces. Second of a two-course sequence covering the A+ certification objectives.

ITS 164. Networking Fundamentals. 3 Credits. (2 Lec, 1 Lab) F

COREQUISITE: ITS 140. This course should be taken as a co-requisite if student is attending part-time. ITS 140 should be taken first semester and ITS 142 2nd semester along with this course. This course is an introduction to networking fundamentals with both lecture and hands-on activities. Topics include the OSI model and industry standards, network topologies, IP addressing (including subnet masks), and basic network design. Concepts are reinforced with lab activities using equipment in live and simulated environments.

ITS 170. Microsoft Windows Serve. 4 Credits. (2 Lec. 2 Lab)

This course gives you in-depth coverage of the 70-410 certification exam objectives and focuses on the skills you need to install and configure Windows Server 2012/R2. After you finish this course, you’ll have an in-depth knowledge of Windows Server 2012/R2, including installation, local and remote management, file and storage services, Active Directory, group policies, TCP/IP, networking services, and Hyper-V virtualization. Both the original release of Windows Server 2012 and the R2 release are covered.

ITS 218. Network Security. 3 Credits. (1 Lec. 2 Lab)

Security baselines, network infrastructure security, web security, cryptography, operations security, and security management. CompTIA Security+ certification objectives.

ITS 224. Introduction to Linux. 4 Credits. (2 Lec. 2 Lab)

This course is intended for students who want to learn about the Linux operating system and prepare to pass the Linux+ certification exam from CompTIA (Powered by LPI). It does not assume any prior knowledge of Linux and is geared toward those interested in systems administration as well as those who will use or develop programs for Linux systems. The course provides comprehensive coverage of topics related to Linux certification, including Linux distributions, installation, administration, X-Windows, networking, and security.

ITS 280. Computer Repair Maintenance. 4 Credits. (4 Lec) S

This course teaches advanced hardware theory and practical application with the emphasis on individual computer components. Successful students will know how to identify and install appropriate computer hardware.