B.S. in Anthropology

Freshman YearCredits
ANTY 101D - Anthropology and the Human Experience3
WRIT 101W - College Writing I3
Choose one of the following:3
SOCI 101IS - Introduction to Sociology
SOCI 150D - Social Difference
SOCI 201D - Social Problems
University Core Seminar3
Math Core 3
University Core and Electives 15
Year Total: 30
Sophomore YearCredits
ANTY 215IS - Human Prehistory3
ANTY 225IS - Culture, Language, and Society3
STAT 216Q - Introduction to Statistics3
University Core and Electives 21
Year Total: 30
Junior YearCredits
ANTY 313 - Biological Anthropology3
ANTY 472 - Descriptive Linguistics
or ANTY 473 - Language & Culture
ANTY 300-400-- Archaeology elective3
ANTY 300-400--Cultural Anthropology Elective 3
ANTY 300-400--Elective6
ANTY 200-400--Elective3
University Core and Electives9
Year Total: 30
Senior YearCredits
ANTY 300-400--Electives 9
ANTY 450 - Archaeological Theory
or ANTY 428RS - Anthropological Theory
University Core and Electives 18
Year Total: 30
Total Program Credits: 120

Anthropology majors must complete one of the following sequences of courses.

Sequence A
A minor or double major approved by the student's advisor21-27
Sequence B
18 credits towards a minor approved by the student's advisor18

Departmental Honors: Students may graduate with Departmental Honors if they meet the following requirements: GPA of 3.5 or higher and complete an undergraduate thesis in Anthropology.

For Anthropology majors, the maximum number of Anthropology transfer credits accepted is 18. Major requirements include 24 elective Anthropology credits of which 21 must be upper division (300 and above) and no more than 6 credits of ANTY 490R or ANTY 492 combined can count toward fulfillment of the elective credits.

For graduation in Anthropology students must have a grade of C- or higher in all Anthropology courses. A minimum of 120 credits is required for graduation; 42 of these credits must be in courses numbered 300 and above.