English Minor: Literature (Non-Teaching)

Take One:3
Introduction to Literature
Intro to Literary Studies
Choose six of the following (minimum three upper division):18
Literature as Popular Culture
The Environmental Imagination
Great Books
Regional Literature
The Bible as Literature
Literary Criticism
Multicultural Literature
American Literature to 1900
American Literature after 1900
Advanced British Literature I
Advanced British Literature II (Formerly LIT 325)
Advanced British Literature III (Formerly LIT 326)
Women and Literature
Literature for Children and Adolescents
Studies in Major Author/s
Studies in Literary Genres
Studies in Literary Topics
Studies in World Literature
Studies in Shakespeare
Note: LIT 201 and LIT 110IH can both be taken, with one as an elective
Total Credits: 21

Students must receive a grade of a "C-" or better in all required courses.  The minimum number of credits for a non-teaching minor is twenty-one, with nine of those being upper-division credits.