English Minor: Literature (Non-Teaching)

LIT 201Intro to Literary Studies3
LIT 233Classical Foundations of Lit3
or LIT 240 The Bible as Lit
Choose two of the following:6
Early American Lit
19th Century American Lit
Old/Middle English Lit
16th/17th Century British Lit
Restoration/18th Century British Lit
19th Century British Lit
20th Century British/American Lit
Contemporary British and American Literature
Choose three of the following:9
Intro to Lit
Regional Lit
Literary Criticism
Multicultural Lit
Women and Lit
Oral Traditions
Lit for Children/Adolescents
Studies in Major Author/s
Studies in Literary Genres
Studies in Literary Topics
Studies in World Lit
Studies in Shakespeare
Total Credits21

Students must receive a grade of a "C-" or better in all required courses.  The minimum number of credits for a non-teaching minor is twenty-one, with nine of those being upper-division credits.