History Minor (Non-Teaching)

Choose 1 lower division European History class:3-4
Western Civilization I
Western Civilization II
Darwinian Revolution
Choose two lower division World History classes:6-8
Latin American History
The Modern Middle East
Modern Asia
Reinventing Japan
Modern World History
The World Environment
Sci and Tech in World History
Sci,Envir,Tech,Soc: Common Exp
Choose one lower division American History class:4
Introduction to American Studies
American Identity, American Dreams
American History I
American History II
Introduction to the Am West
Choose three upper division History electives:9
Reproduction in America
Religion and the United States Supreme Court
Early America
The Age of Jefferson and Jackson: The Early American Republic
Birth of Modern US: 1865-1945
American Civil War Era
Origins of Modern America: From the Civil War to WWII
Am History: WWII to Present
Sex and Sexuality in America
Gender in US & Canadian West
Gender in America
Food in America
American Thought and Culture
Race and Class in America
History of American Indians
Montana and the West
Trans-Mississippi West
History of Yellowstone
American Environmental History
History of American Technology
Special Topics
Independent Study
Ancient Greece
Ancient Rome
19th Century Europe
20th Century Europe
History of Mexico
Age of the Shoguns
Japan's Meiji Revolution
Modern China
Modern India
Modern Britain
Modern France
Russia to 1917
Modern Germany
Middle East/20th Century
The World at War
Eurasian Borderlands
Twentieth Century War
Soviet Union: Rise & Fall
Gender and Technology
Early Modern Science
Modern Science
European Intellectual History
Mapping the World
Latin Amer Soc History
Race in Latin America
Colonial Latin America
Latin American Perspectives
Gender in Latin America
Latin America: Human Rights
Armed Conflict Mod Lat Am
Gender in Asia
Gender in Japan
Environ, Health & Sci in Japan
Science and Medicine in China
The Making of Modern Turkey
History of Mountaineering
Animal Histories
World Environmental History
Museum History
Undergraduate Research
Special Topics
Independent Study
History of American Indians
Latin Amer Perspectives
Total Credits22-25

The minimum number of credits for a non-teaching minor is twenty-one, with nine of those being upper-division credits.