Biochemistry Option

Freshman YearCredits
Take one of the following:4
CHMY 141 - College Chemistry I
CHMY 151 - Honors College Chemistry I
Take one of the following:4
CHMY 143 - College Chemistry II
CHMY 153 - Honors College Chemistry II
BCH 194 - Seminar/Workshop1
BCH 294 - Seminar/Workshop1
BIOB 260 - Cellular and Molecular Biology4
Take one of the following:*4-8
M 161Q - Survey of Calculus
M 165Q - Calculus for Technology I*
M 171Q - Calculus I*
STAT 216Q - Introduction to Statistics3
University Core9
Year Total: 30-34
Sophomore YearCredits
CHMY 311 - Fundamental Analytical Chem4
Take one of the following:4
CHMY 321 - Organic Chemistry I
CHMY 331 - Honors Organic Chemistry I
Take one of the following:4
CHMY 323 - Organic Chemistry II
CHMY 333 - Honors Organic Chemistry II
Take one of the following:4
PHSX 205 - College Physics I
PHSX 220 - Physics I (w/ calculus)
Take one of the following:4
PHSX 207 - College Physics II
PHSX 222 - Physics II (w/ calculus)
University Core and Electives 10
Year Total: 30
Junior YearCredits
Take one of the following sequences:5-7
CHMY 361 - Elements of Physical Chemistry
& CHMY 362 - Elements of Physical Chemistry Lab
CHMY 371 - Physical Chemistry-Quantum Chemistry and Spectroscopy I
& CHMY 372 - Physical Chemistry Laboratory I
& CHMY 373 - Physical Chemistry - Kinetics and Thermodynamics
BCH 394 - Seminar/Workshop1
BCH 441 - Biochemistry of Macromolecules3
BCH 442 - Metabolic Regulation3
BCH 444R - Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Methods3
BCH 490R - Undergraduate Research***6
Physical and Biological Sciences Electives**6
University Core and Electives1-3
Year Total: 28-32
Senior YearCredits
BCH 494 - Seminar/Workshop1
BCH 499 - Senior Thesis/Capstone****1
Physical and Biological Sciences Electives **12
University Core and Electives16 or 17
Year Total: 14
Total Program Credits: 120

If M 165Q or M 171Q is taken, M 166Q or M 172Q is required.  M 171Q and M 172Q and M 273Q must be taken in order to take CHMY 371, CHMY 372 and CHMY 373 in the junior year.


A minimum of 18 credits of physical and biological science electives are required.


6 credits of  Undergraduate Research BCH 490R are tabulated.  Students are encouraged to fulfill additional credits of research


 BCH 499 (Senior Year) is required for majors who are writing a thesis for Departmental Honors consideration.

All students are encouraged to take a 200 level English writing course. Please note that this course would be in addition to the core requirement.

A minimum of 120 credits is required for graduation; 42 of these credits must be in courses numbered 300 and above.

Acceptable Physical and Biological Sciences Electives Include

BIOH 313Neurophysiology3
BIOH 323Human Developmental Biology4
BIOH 405Hematology3
BIOH 406Hematology Laboratory1
BIOH 411Adv Human Anatomy4
BIOH 422Genes and Cancer3
BIOH 425Sensory Neurophysiology3
BIOH 455Molecular Medicine3
BIOM 415Microbial Diversity, Ecology, and Evolution3
BIOM 452Soil & Envirnmntl Microbiology3
BIOM 360General Microbiology5
BIOM 400Medical Microbiology3
BIOM 410Microbial Genetics3
BIOM 415Microbial Diversity, Ecology, and Evolution3
BIOM 421Concepts of Plant Pathology3
BIOM 430Applied and Environmental Microbiology4
BIOM 431Medical Bacteriology3
BIOM 432Med Bacteriology Lab2
BIOM 435Virology3
BIOM 441Eukaryotic Pathogens4
BIOM 450Microbial Physiology3
BIOM 455Research Mthds in Microbiology4
BIOO 310Comparative Vertebrate Anatomy4
BIOO 412Animal Physiology3
BIOO 433Plant Physiology3
BIOO 437Plant Development3
BIOO 458Plant Cell Physiology3
BIOO 460Plant Metabolism3
BIOB 375General Genetics3
BIOB 410Immunology3
BIOB 412Hybridomas2
BIOB 413Flow Cytometry1
BIOB 414Advanced Microscopy1
BIOB 415Adv Immunology Methods1
BIOB 420Evolution3
BIOB 425Adv Cell & Molecular Biology3
BIOB 428Molecular Evolution3
BIOB 430Plant Biotechnology3
BIOB 438Developmental Mechanisms3
BIOB 476RGene Construction4
CHMY 401Advanced Inorganic Chemistry3
CHMY 421Advanced Instrument Analysis3
EBIO 438Bioprocess Engin3
NUTR 421Macronutrient Metabolism3
NUTR 422Micronutrient Metabolism3