Chemistry Minor (Non-Teaching)

Required Course

CHMY 141College Chemistry I4
or CHMY 151 Honors College Chemistry I
CHMY 143College Chemistry II4
or CHMY 153 Honors College Chemistry II
CHMY 321Organic Chemistry I4
or CHMY 331 Honors Organic Chemistry I
CHMY 323Organic Chemistry II4
or CHMY 333 Honors Organic Chemistry II
Take one of the following sequences:5-7
Elements of Physical Chemistry
and Elements of Physical Chemistry Lab
Physical Chemistry-Quantum Chemistry and Spectroscopy I
and Physical Chemistry - Kinetics and Thermodynamics
and Physical Chemistry Laboratory I
Any BCH/CHMY courses 301 or higher, except CHMY/BCH 490, 492, 494 & 4999
Total Credits30-32