Applied Mathematics Option

M 171QCalculus I4
or M 181Q Honors Calculus I
M 172QCalculus II4
or M 182Q Honors Calculus II
M 221Introduction to Linear Algebra3
M 242Methods of Proof3
M 273QMultivariable Calculus4
or M 283Q Honors Multivariable Calculus
M 274Introduction to Differential Equation4
or M 284 Honors Introduction to Differential Equations
M 348Techniques of Applied Math I3
M 349Techniques of Applied Mathematics II3
M 386RSoftware Applications in Mathematics3
M 441Numerical Linear Algebra & Optimization3
M 442Numerical Solution of Differential Equations3
STAT 332Statistics for Scientists and Engineers3
Choose four from the following math or statistics electives: *12
History of Mathematics
Linear Algebra
Introduction to Analysis I
Introduction to Analysis II
Mathematical Biology
Abstract Algebra I
Applied Mathematics I
Applied Mathematics II
Introduction of Dynamical Systems I
Introduction to Dynamical Systems II
Introduction to Complex Analysis
Probability Theory
Mathematical Statistics
PHSX 220Physics I (w/ calculus)4
PHSX 222Physics II (w/ calculus) **4
PHSX 224Physics III **4
Total Credits64

Six of these 12 credits must be from M 430, M 450, M 451, M 454, M 455.


PHSX 220, PHSX 222, and PHSX 224 are required. However, with the agreement of the student's advisor, PHSX 224 may be replaced by PHSX 301, or both PHSX 222 and PHSX 224 may be replaced by a two-course sequence in another mathematical application area.

A minimum of 120 credits is required for graduation; 42 of these credits must be in courses numbered 300 and above. Core 2.0 must be completed for graduation.

Freshman YearCredits
CLS 101US - Knowledge and Community
or COM 110US -
M 171Q - Calculus I
or M 181Q - Honors Calculus I
PHSX 220 - Physics I (w/ calculus)4  
University Core and Electives4  
WRIT 101W - College Writing I  3
M 172Q - Calculus II
or M 182Q - Honors Calculus II
PHSX 222 - Physics II (w/ calculus)  4
University Core and Electives  4
Year Total: 15 15
Sophomore YearCredits
M 221 - Introduction to Linear Algebra3  
M 273Q - Multivariable Calculus
or M 283Q - Honors Multivariable Calculus
PHSX 224 - Physics III4  
University Core and Electives4  
M 274 - Introduction to Differential Equation
or M 284 - Honors Introduction to Differential Equations
M 242 - Methods of Proof  3
University Core and Electives  8
Year Total: 15 15
Junior YearCredits
M 348 - Techniques of Applied Math I3  
STAT 332 - Statistics for Scientists and Engineers3  
Math or Stat Elect (See List Above) 3  
University Core and Electives 6  
M 349 - Techniques of Applied Mathematics II  3
M 386R - Software Applications in Mathematics  3
Math or Stat Elect (See List Above)   3
University Core and Electives   6
Year Total: 15 15
Senior YearCredits
M 441 - Numerical Linear Algebra & Optimization3  
Math or Stat Elect (See List Above) 3  
University Core and Electives 9  
M 442 - Numerical Solution of Differential Equations  3
Math or Stat Elect (See List Above)   3
University Core and Electives   9
Year Total: 15 15
Total Program Credits: 120