Physics Minor (Non-Teaching)

PHSX 240Honors Gen & Mod Phys I (Recommended)4
or PHSX 220 Physics I (w/ calculus)
PHSX 242Honors Gen & Mod Phys II (Recommended)4
or PHSX 222 Physics II (w/ calculus)
PHSX 224Physics III4
PHSX 301Intro Theoretical Physics3
PHSX 343Modern Physics3
or PHSX 320 Classical Mechanics
Physics electives (PHSX 261 or PHSX 262 or PHSX or ASTR courses 300 level or above)10
Total Credits28

Students who complete PHSX 343 require 10 credits of physics elective .  Students who complete PHSX 320 require 9 credits of physics elective. The physics electives can include no more than 1 credit of  PHSX 494, 3 credits of PHSX 492, 3 credits of PHSX 490R, or 4 credits of the combination of PHSX 494, PHSX 492, and  PHSX 490RPHSX 401, PHSX 402, PHSX 403, and PHSX 405 can not be counted towards physics electives.