CNC Machine Technology

Certificate of Applied Science

The CNC Machine Technology Certificate of Applied Science program is a 36 credit program designed to be completed in two semesters.  This CAS will prepare students to apply technical knowledge and skills to operate computer numerically controlled (CNC) machines such as lathes, mills, precision measuring tools, and related attachments and accessories, to perform machining functions such as cutting, drilling, shaping, and finishing products and component parts. This CAS includes instruction in CNC terminology, setup, programming, operations, troubleshooting, mechanical drawing reading, machining, lathe and mill operations, technical mathematics, computer literacy, CAD/CAM systems, shop and safety practices, equipment capabilities, and regulations and laws.

Year 1Credits
MCH 109 - Mathematics for CNC Machining3  
MCH 103 - Intro to Computer Aided Manufacturing 3  
MCH 122 - Introduction to CAM 3  
MCH 160 - Machine Shop Level 13  
MCH 231 - CNC Turning Operations Level I3  
MCH 234 - CNC Milling Operations Level I3  
COMX 106 - Communicating in a Dynamic Workplace  3
MCH 220 - Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing Metrology  3
MCH 230 - Tooling and Work Holding for CNC  3
MCH 232 - CNC Lathe Operation Level II  3
MCH 235 - CNC Milling Programmer Level II   3
DDSN 135 - SolidWorks I  3
Year Total: 18 18
Total Program Credits: 36