Business Management

The Certificate of Technical Studies (CTS) in Business Management is a 25 credit certificate that supports current and future business owners and leaders.  This certificate covers the many important aspects of growing and leading a successful small business. 

Graduates with the certificate in Business Management will:

  • Develop a working knowledge of business fundamentals such as management principles, marketing, product/service development, sales, and basic accountancy;
  • Understand and be capable of building a business infrastructure for business operations, processes and financial decision making;
  • Explore the risk and success factors in the marketplace;
  • Understand how to access human, financial, and business resources;
  • Identify and know how to meet market needs; and
  • Create an environment that encourages interaction with other entrepreneurs and professionals.
Year 1Credits
QuickBooks or Excel:13  
ACTG 125 - QuickBooks
or CAPP 156 - Microsoft Excel
BMGT 235 - Management3  
ACTG 101 - Accounting Procedures I4  
BMKT 225 - Marketing3  
Take two of the following courses:1  6
BMKT 240 - Advertising
BGEN 235 - Business Law
AMGT 127 - Business Office Procedures
BMKT 112 - Applied Sales
BMGT 210 - Small Business Entrepreneurship  3
BMGT 215 - Human Resource Management  3
Year Total: 13 12
Total Program Credits: 25