Culinary Skills (Certificate of Completion)

This Certificate-level program in Culinary Skills is intended to provide the student with the basic skills and knowledge to step into Hospitality/Culinary industry kitchens, ready to perform tasks at or above entry level, and immediately be a part of a culinary team in that kitchen. It is always an expectation that Chefs and operators will train new employees in the specific duties of their establishment; this program will allow the students to bypass the basic training of an operating kitchen and jump right to the location-specific duties and expectations of the culinary staff in that kitchen.

Year 1Credits
CULA 105 - Food Safety Sanitation1
CULA 106 - Kitchen and Food Production Fundamentals 2
CULA 112 - Fundamentals of Protein Cookery4
CULA 108 - Station Cookery3
Year Total: 10
Total Program Credits: 10

* Indicates Prerequisites

** Non-paid