Culinary Arts


Gallatin College’s Culinary Arts teaches students relevant coursework and offers experiential education in the Culinary Arts profession. This program prepares students for a variety of careers spanning from small restaurants to large food service facilities. Gallatin College’s Culinary Arts Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree is a 65-credit offering, taught by Chefs from local restaurants and food service establishments. The coursework is a traditional culinary arts coursework alongside unique offerings that are well aligned with Montana’s food culture and strong tourism industry. This degree will lead to a variety of culinary and food service positions in our local food services industry.

Graduates are prepared to:

  • Develop the knowledge for cooking and serving others, and have the knowledge to provide well-rounded hospitality to guests. 
  • Demonstrate the skills needed as a cook, pantry worker, pastry cook, or potentially a Chef de Partie or Sous Chef. 
  • Have an understanding of the non-Culinary requirements needed to own an independent restaurant, bake shop, food truck, or catering business. These requirements include Supervisory skills, Financial knowledge, Nutrition knowledge for Culinarians, and knowledge of supporting areas of the kitchen, such as Purchasing, Beverage Management, Menu Writing, etc.
  • Work within the food service industry anywhere in the world in restaurants, hotels, lodges, breweries, food trucks, country clubs, cruise ships, institutions, assisted living facilities, catering companies, or in food manufacturing. 
Year 1Credits
CULA 102 - Introduction to Culinary Arts3    
CULA 105 - Food Safety Sanitation1    
NUTR 221CS - Basic Human Nutrition3    
M 108 - Business Mathematics3    
WRIT 101W - College Writing I3    
CULA 103 - Professional Chef I  4  
CULA 161 - Meats and Vegetables   3  
CULA 220 - Purchasing and Cost Control  2  
CULA 157 - Pantry and Garde Manager  3  
CULA 265 - Dairy Foods and Culturing   2  
CULA 298 - Internship    3
One or more of the following:    3
SFBS 296 - Practicum: Towne's Harvest (Su)
HTR 220 - Sustainability in the Hospitality Industry (Sp)
Year Total: 13 14 6
Year 2Credits
CULA 104 - Professional Chef II4    
CULA 247 - Bar and Beverage Management 3    
CULA 255 - Montana Meats and Charcuterie 3    
CULA 123 - American Regional Cuisine3    
COMX 106 - Communicating in a Dynamic Workplace
or COMX 115 - Introduction to Interpersonal Communication
or COMX 222 - Professional Communication
CULA 165 - Baking and Pastry  4  
CULA 131 - World Cuisine   3  
CULA 250 - Hospitality Supervision and Customer Service  3  
CULA 280 - Senior Practicum  3  
Year Total: 16 13  
Total Program Credits: 62

The Culinary Arts program has a Farm to Table Cuisine focus and offers management of restaurant enterprises with an emphasis on farm to table sourcing and healthful cuisine.  Graduates will find employment as foodservice and restaurant managers or as entrepreneurs launching their own restaurant or foodservice enterprise.  The curriculum utilizes existing coursework in Sustainable Food and Bioenergy Systems (SFBS), Food and Nutrition, and adds courses specifically related to culinary arts and farm to table sourcing.  An internship course in foodservice systems management, quantity food preparation, and kitchen garden management is incorporated.