German K-12 Teaching Option

The German Teaching major is designed for students who wish to become licensed to teach German in grades K-12. Upon completion of the degree, students are eligible for licensure in the state of Montana. Secondary education students are encouraged to pursue a teaching minor in an additional content area and should contact an advisor for details. Obtaining a teaching minor may require more than eight semesters. Students will be required to pass a language proficiency test administered by the Modern Languages Department prior to being approved for student teaching placement. For more information on admission to the Teacher Education Program, Student Teaching, Licensure, Professional Expectations and more, please visit: 

Freshman YearCredits
GRMN 101 - Elementary German I3
GRMN 102D - Elementary German II3
EDU 202 - Early Field Experience1
FCS 101IS - *3
EDU 222IS - Educ Psych & Child Development
or EDU 223IS - Educ Psych and Adolescent Dev
University Core and Electives (EDU 101US is recommended for teaching majors to fulfill a Core requirement)17
Year Total: 30
Sophomore YearCredits
GRMN 201D - Intermediate German I3
GRMN 202D - Intermediate German II3
EDU 211D - Multicultural Education3
EDU 370 - Integrating Tech into Educ2
University Core and Electives19
Year Total: 30
Junior and Senior YearCredits
EDU 382 - Assessmt, Curric, Instructn3
EDU 395 - Practicum3
EDU 408 - Professional Issues: K-122
EDU 496 - Methods: K-12 Modern Languages4
EDU 495 - Student Teaching6
EDU 495 Student Teaching K-86
EDSP 306 - Exceptional Learners3
GRMN 450R - Sem:German Lit and Culture3
Take at least 25 GRMN credits. (ML 100, ML 344, and ML 492 may be counted toward this requirement.)25
University Core and Electives5
Year Total: 60
Total Program Credits: 120

FCS 101IS (3 cr.) must be taken prior to or concurrently with EDU 222IS or EDU 223IS. (Take either EDU 222IS or EDU 223IS depending upon your preference for an elementary or secondary focus.)

A minimum of 120 credits is required for graduation; 42 of these credits must be in courses numbered 300 and above. Majors are encouraged to take more than the minimum of 40 credits required in the department.