HTR - Hospitality, Tourism, and Recreation

HTR 107  Intro to Hospitality Mgmt: 3 Credits (3 Lec)

(F, Sp) This course is designed to help students develop professional knowledge of the central theories, principles, and best practices related to the hospitality, tourism, and event management industries.

HTR 201  Hotel Management & Operations: 3 Credits (3 Lec)

(Sp) A holistic analysis of concepts, methods, and strategies that are necessary for success in the lodging and facilities industry.

HTR 205  Pathways to Career Advancement I: 1 Credits (1 Other)

PREREQUISITE: HTR 107. (Sp) The Pathways to Career Advancement I is for students in the Hospitality Management program. The course gives practical advice for navigating the hospitality industry and academic life college. Students will network with industry professionals and develop soft skills

HTR 220  Sustainability in the Hospitality Industry: 3 Credits (3 Lec)

PREREQUISITE: HTR 107 or consent of instructor. (Sp) Personal definitions and ability to impact an operation and society are developed while understanding the tiers of sustainability: economic, social, environmental, and ethical. Students develop sustainable policies, practices, and strategies working with an industry partner

HTR 230  Fundamentals of Tourism Management: 3 Credits (3 Lec)

PREREQUISITE: HTR 107. (Sp) This course will examine the past, present, and future trends and issues in the hospitality and tourism industry with special emphasis on the planning, marketing, and management functions

HTR 291  Special Topics: 1-4 Credits (1-4 Lec)

Courses not required in any curriculum for which there is a particular one-time need or given on a trial basis to determine acceptability and demand before requesting a regular course number.
Repeatable up to 12 credits.

HTR 298  Hospitality Management Internship: 3 Credits (3 Other)

PREREQUISITE: HTR 107, HTR 201. (F, Sp, Su) An individualized assignment with a lodging or facilities operation to provide guided experience in the field

HTR 330  Event Management: 3 Credits (3 Lec)

PREREQUISITE: HTR 107. (F) Using experiential learning, this course will cover planning, executing, and evaluating an event for a client

HTR 335  Hospitality Facilities Management: 3 Credits (3 Lec)

PREREQUISITE: HTR 107, HTR 201. (Sp) This course is an introduction to the fundamental issues involved in the design and management of hospitality facilities. Emphasis is given to maintenance, energy use, occupational health and safety, design and conservation issues

HTR 345  Revenue Management: 3 Credits (3 Lec)

PREREQUISITE: Grade of C or better in HTR 107, HTR 230, and BGEN 210 or consent of instructor. (Su) Students will learn techniques to maximize revenue and manage costs in the hospitality industry. The course covers topics such as food and labor cost control, strategies for increasing revenue, and techniques for effectively delivering products and services to customers

HTR 475  Integrative Hospitality Simulation: 3 Credits (3 Lec)

PREREQUISITE: HTR 107 and HTR 201 or HTR 230 and Senior Standing in Hospitality Management options: Lodging and Facilities Management and Restaurant Management: Farm to Table. Designed to provide an opportunity for Hospitality Management seniors to practice integrating hospitality management and operations using simulation software

HTR 490R  Undergraduate Research: 1-6 Credits ()

(Sp) 12 credit max. Directed undergraduate research/creative activity which may culminate in a research paper, journal article, or undergraduate thesis. Course will address responsible conduct of research. May be repeated.

HTR 492  Independent Study: 1-3 Credits ()

(Sp) 9 credit max. Directed research and study on an individual basis.

HTR 498  Hospitality Management Internship II: 2-12 Credits (2-12 Other)

PREREQUISITE: Senior standing in major. (F, Sp, Su) An individualized assignment with a professional business in the hospitality industry to provide a guided field experience
Repeatable up to 12 credits.

HTR 499  Capstone: Hospitality Management Systems and Strategy: 3 Credits (3 Lec)

PREREQUISITE: Senior standing. (Sp) Utilizes a previous knowledge, coursework, and experiences in hospitality management and hones professional skills including oral and written communication and leadership