ACTV - Activities: Varsity

ACTV 105  Life Skills for Student Athletes: 2 Credits (2 Lec)

PREREQUISITE: Student Athletes, Consent of Instructor. (F, Su) Through this course, student athletes will identify and address issues that pertain to learning and development among college students and issues that are unique to you as a student athlete

ACTV 189  Varsity Athletics: 1 Credits (2 Lab)

(F, Sp, Su) The participation in an intercollegiate sport which requires a minimum of two to three hours of meeting/participation per week per athletic season.
Repeatable up to 3 credits.

ACTV 305  Leadership Skills for Student Athletes: 2 Credits (2 Lec)

PREREQUISITE: ACTV 105 and junior standing. (Sp) Intended for student athletes and will focus on understanding and applying principles of leadership to performance. This course will enhance the student's ability to understand fundamental principles of leadership and apply those principles to their academic, athletic, and professional career. Specific attention will be paid to understanding individual strengths of student personality and translating those strengths into leadership positions