AHMT-Allied Health Med Lab Tech

AHMT 154  Research and Regulatory Aspects of Medical Labs: 3 Credits (3 Lec)

(Sp) The Research and Regulatory Aspects of Medical Labs course includes the topics of research, regulatory standards, quality assessment and control in clinical and research laboratories. Students will review accrediting body standards of practice and apply knowledge to laboratory case studies and competencies. Students will also develop basic research skills to apply to the development and assessment of outcomes in medical labs.

AHMT 202  Medical Lab Clinical Procedures I: 4 Credits (4 Lec)

(F) The Medical Lab Clinical Procedure I course is designed to develop a basic knowledge of skills and practices of the medical lab assistant. Emphasis on the fundamental concepts of clinical laboratories, topics include lab organization, safety and infection control protocols, review of and practice with lab equipment, systems of measurement, basic laboratory techniques, and testing from point of care to automation.

AHMT 204  Medical Lab Clinical Procedures II: 4 Credits (4 Lec)

PREREQUISITE: AHMT 202. (Sp) The Medical Lab Clinical Procedures II course is designed to develop a basic knowledge of skills and practices of the medical lab assistant. Emphasis on the performance of Phlebotomy, CLIA waived laboratory tests, and medical microbiology cultures. Topics include specimen collection, phlebotomy, specimen processing, record keeping, universal precautions, infection control, quality control, immunology, serology, and transfusion medicine

AHMT 240  Clinical Chemistry: 3 Credits (2 Lec, 1 Lab)

PREREQUISITE: AHMT 202 and BIOH 104 and BIOM 250 and BIOM 251. (Sp) The Clinical Chemistry course covers the analysis and interpretation of laboratory specimens. Emphasis on lab outcomes relation to normal versus abnormal physiology. Topics include overview of body systems diseases in relation to lab tests, cell injury, inflammation, body fluids, cancer, therapeutic drug monitoring, toxicology, transplantation, and emergency preparedness

AHMT 298  Medical Lab Externship: 4 Credits (4 Other)

(F, Sp, Su) Must have consent of instructor. This course includes clinical practice in a laboratory setting in specimen collection and processing, as well as classroom certification exam preparation. Students will develop the skills, knowledge and attitude required for positions in a professional healthcare laboratory setting. At a clinical or research laboratory site, students will perform a minimum of 120 hours. Emphasis is placed on infection control and prevention, proper patient identification, labeling of specimens, quality assurance, specimen handling, processing, and accessioning. Upon successful completion of the Medical Laboratory Assistant program, students will be eligible to sit for the American Medical Technologist Medical Laboratory Assistant (CMLA) national certification.