AGTE - Agricultural Technology

AGTE 291  Special Topics: 1-4 Credits ()

AGTE 330  Alternative Power & Energy Technology: 3 Credits (2 Lec, 1 Lab)

PREREQUISITE: Sophomore standing. (Sp) Through a variety of research and applied learning activities, students will develop an understanding of various power/energy sources while at the same time gaining new perspectives on the feasibility and appropriateness of adopting and implementing a variety of power/energy systems to meet current societal needs

AGTE 417  Manufacturing Technology: 3 Credits (1 Lec, 2 Lab)

PREREQUISITE: Sophomore standing. (Sp) Capstone course. Study and application of manufacturing concepts common to industry, including the stages of initial planning, prototype construction through the use of modern manufacturing techniques, market research, and analysis

AGTE 491  Special Topics: 1-4 Credits ()

Offered as needed based on student demand. Courses not required in any curriculum for which there is a particular one-time need, or given on a trial basis to determine acceptability and demand before requesting a regular course number.

AGTE 523  Creative Problem Solving: 3 Credits (3 Lec)

A review and analysis of basic and applied research in the development of creative behavior with emphasis on its application to technical teaching and industrial problem solving.

AGTE 591  Critical and Creative Problem Solving: 4 Credits ()

Repeatable up to 9 credits.