IDSN - Interior Design

IDSN 101  Intro to Interior Design: 3 Credits (3 Lec)

This course introduces design as it relates to interior design, architecture and related professions, through the study of the elements and principles of design and the ways in which humans interact with designed environments and elements. (ARCH majors substitute ARCH 121).

IDSN 110  Hist of Dsgn I Ancnt-1900: 3 Credits (3 Lec)

This course offers exposure to stylistic variations found in interior design of the ancient world and traditional Europe. Students will become aware of how these styles have been the impetus for pre-1900 architecture and decorative arts in America. (ARCH majors substitute ARCH 322/323).

IDSN 111  Hist Dsgn II 1900-Contemp: 3 Credits (3 Lec)

This course is a continuation of the study of the development of the interior environment from the 19th century to the present. The difference in the basic philosophy between 19th and 21st century design is emphasized. (ARCH majors substitute ARCH 322/323).

IDSN 122  Textiles and Interior Finishes: 3 Credits (3 Lec)

COREQUISITE: IDSN 130 can be taken concurrently as a corequisite. This course includes the study of textiles and interior finishes used by interior designers. Students will gain familiarity with a wide range of textile products used in both residential and commercial interiors including fiber content and yarn type, application and labeling, performance and maintenance. Students will also study the range and application of wall, ceiling and floor finish materials commonly used in interior design

IDSN 130  Interior Design Graphics: 3 Credits (2 Lec, 2 Lab)

Interior Design Graphics provides interior design students with a basic knowledge of building structures, construction techniques, and building materials. It introduces the technical skills needed to read and to produce drawings used in the practice of interior design, including floor plans, interior elevations, reflected ceiling plans, and detail drawings. (ARCH majors substitute ARCH 151/152).

IDSN 131  Presentation Drawing: 3 Credits (3 Lec)

This course presents the elements of two- and three-dimensional design as related to interior representational drawings. Emphasis is on one- and two-point perspective drawings and sketching. Addition of color to drawings by use of hand and digital methods is introduced. (ARCH majors substitute ARCH 261/262).

IDSN 135  Fundamentals of Space Planning: 3 Credits (2 Lec, 2 Lab)

PREREQUISITES: IDSN 101 (or ARCH 121) and IDSN 130 (or ARCH 151/152). This course explores the physical and psychological concepts pertaining to interior spaces. Students work with commercial design programs, schematic planning tools, commercial furniture, and universal design concepts to create functional space plans that meet program criteria. Students will explore space planning in relationship to plumbing and mechanical systems and apply NKBA kitchen and bath space planning guidelines. The basic space planning skills and terminology learned are applicable to the NCIDQ exam

IDSN 140  Product Resourcing: 1 Credits (1 Lab)

This course is a field study of Interior Design from the perspective of working professionals. Students will travel to showrooms, workshops or offices to learn about products and the processes of design while meeting vendors and industry insiders to learn how they source products, create orders, and approve fabrication. This class is designed for Interior Design students only.

IDSN 150  Digital Technology Lab: 1 Credits (1 Lab)

(F, Sp) This course reinforces basic digital drafting principles and commands through repetition and skill building in a lab setting. Students are required to bring their assignments and outside work to gain practice and competence in digital drafting. This is a collaborative studio environment where students will gain knowledge from shared experiences. Students will advance and apply digital skills through the production of course work assigned in other classes. Students will learn production tips and shortcuts from faculty.
Repeatable up to 9 credits.

IDSN 191  Special Topics: 1-4 Credits ()

Repeatable up to 12 credits.

IDSN 225  Light/Color/Lighting Systems: 3 Credits (3 Lec)

PREREQUISITE: IDSN 101, IDSN 130. (Sp) Students will explore color theory, human response to color, and the properties of light and color. Students will also gain knowledge of lighting systems and specification of lamps and fixtures. The student will learn practical methods for applying these elements of design and demonstrate competency in color usage and lighting systems by designing projects including reflected ceiling plans, lighting and color specification

IDSN 230  Interior Architecture CAD: 3 Credits (3 Lec)

This course teaches basic AutoCAD Architecture software and allows students to gain the skills needed to communicate graphically using an industry standard software. Basic computer drafting principles and user interface commands are presented as they relate to the interior environment. Students will complete a drawing set and turn in a final plot. Some intermediate concepts, including 3D visualization are covered. Students will learn blocks, fields, CAD tips and shortcuts, and also create their own templates. This class is for Interior Design program students only.

IDSN 232  Advanced Digital Graphics: 2 Credits (2 Lec)

PREREQUISITE: IDSN 101. This course teaches students step-by-step key techniques for working in Adobe Photoshop CC. The project-based weekly lessons show students the key techniques for creating professional quality digital works. Following hands-on in class projects, users will create logos, illustrations, posters, and more. This class is intended for students that are following an Interior Design program, Art or Graphics degree

IDSN 240  Studio I Residential: 4 Credits (4 Lec)

PREREQUISITE: IDSN 131, IDSN 135 and IDSN 225 and DDSN 131 or IDSN 230. This course is a laboratory experience with real-life & hypothetical design projects. The focus of Studio I is primarily residential. Students will develop 2 or 3 complete presentations including but not limited to floor plans, interior elevations, interior perspectives, color board, room finish schedule, and a budget. Students will make oral presentations using the presentation boards to illustrate their design solutions

IDSN 250  Studio II Commercial: 4 Credits (3 Lec, 1 Lab)

PREREQUISITE: IDSN 130, IDSN 131, IDSN 135, IDSN 225, and IDSN 230. (Sp) Studio II is an advanced laboratory class which focuses on commercial design projects, some for actual clients. Advanced space planning, utilization of appropriate codes and specification writing will be covered. Students will develop 2-3 complete presentations including but not limited to floor plans, interior elevations, interior perspectives, color boards, and specification schedules. Students will make oral presentations using the presentation boards and CAD drawings to illustrate their design solutions

IDSN 255  Environmental Design Studio: 4 Credits (4 Lec)

PREREQUISITE: IDSN 130, IDSN 131, IDSN 135, IDSN 225, and IDSN 230. (Sp) Looking at design as a commodity, service, and supply chain contributes to the global responsibility so that informed design can take place. Moving beyond studies of evaluating agencies, students will work to gauge assessment methods so that as agencies and methods evolve they can keep up with this fast moving topic. Life cycle assessments, a common matrix applied to interior finishes, applies to more than just the initial cost of the item, current methodology demands student preparation in materials that allows them to see the fallouts of both the product and its environmental effects. The costs in terms of energy expenditure in bringing the product to market as well as long term user energy consumption are examined in this class. The methodology will require students to use prior skill sets and knowledge in a studio project format under the umbrella of environmentally sustainable design. Rather than other studio classes that concentrate on projects from a generalist standpoint, this class requires students to gain in-depth product knowledge, including vendor research and product vetting. In the complex and growing commercialized market of ‘green’ design students need to understand and be able to use sustainability knowledgeably. Throughout this class students will be assessed not only on their mastery of basic skills in creating and presenting commercially suitable designs, but will build on the earlier class in interior materials applying finishes that qualify in measurable, economically viable ways, while thinking strategically about environmental design. This class will help students create a knowledge base that informs design. Currently we offer as a required class K & B II. That class will move to an elective and IDSN 255 Environmental Design Studio will become the required studio class. It will emphasize the connection between design implementation and the interior environment. We want to move to whole house design incorporating green aspects

IDSN 266  Kitchen and Bath I: 4 Credits (3 Lec, 1 Lab)

PREREQUISITE: IDSN 131, IDSN 135 and IDSN 225 and DDSN 131 or IDSN 230. Completion of all first year IDSN program courses with a C- or better. Using the National Kitchen and Bath Association guidelines, students will learn the fundamentals of kitchen and bath design, using NKBA's drawing and presentation standards. Analysis of client needs, specifying products, creating design solutions, residential plumbing and mechanical systems, project drawing and documentation will also be covered

IDSN 275  Professional Practices: 3 Credits (3 Lec)

PREREQUISITE: IDSN 101, IDSN 130, DDSN 131, CSTN 173, IDSN 131, IDSN 135, IDSN 225. (F) This course is an introduction to business principles and practices related to the interior design profession. Topics include business procedures, methods of charging, and steps involved in business formation. Use of contracts and specifications to achieve desired objectives is covered, as is marketing of professional services and promotion of the firm. A portfolio, resume and cover letter will be completed during this class

IDSN 291  Special Topics: 1-3 Credits (1-3 Lec)

Repeatable up to 12 credits.

IDSN 292  Independent Study: 1-3 Credits (1 Other)

PREREQUISITE: Consent of instructor. Directed research and study on an individual basis
Repeatable up to 6 credits.

IDSN 298  Internship: 3-5 Credits (3-5 Other)

PREREQUISITE: DDSN 118 or IDSN 131 and CSTN 173, IDSN 135 and IDSN 225
This course is a variable credit class which gives the student 90 hours of experience in the daily operation of an interior design firm or a related business. It provides monitored experience in dealing with clients, customers and other business persons. The student will encounter opportunities to utilize skills and knowledge acquired in previous interior design courses. The discussion and reporting component of this class will be managed online.
Repeatable up to 5 credits.